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About Bioginix

You’re in for a pleasant surprise when you start using the premier BIOGINIX KIT. Our kit includes PRP tubes designed to produce the maximum volume of usable platelets from minimal samples. Once obtained, the processed platelets may be used for a wide range dermatological application such as skin rejuvenation, treatment of acne scarring, and even hair loss. The BIOGINIX KIT has orthopedic advantages that aid in the treatment of tissue repair, tendon injuries, and even ligament damage. The BIOGINIX KIT includes an accessory kit specifically designed to assist in PRP procedures creating a convenient, multipurpose, and all-inclusive product.
BIOGINIX is a complete PRP Regenerative Therapy Kit for medical and aesthetic use. The unique solution with CE-certified 12 ml tubes has been developed in Aesthetic Cosmetic laboratory DERMAQUAL Paris.

PRP Kit contains a group of components necessary for the preparation of platelet-rich plasma; all Kit components are single-use, sterile, and conforms the regulation of European Union to a high standard of manufacturing control for safety.


After being centrifuged, the activated platelets are injected into the target tissue, releasing growth factors that recruit and increase the proliferation of reparative cells.Injections are prepared using low volumes of patient’s blood following proper aseptic techniques.

The therapy takes about thirty to forty-five minutes depending on specific treatment areas. A numbing agent can be applied to aid in discomfort or pain. Follow up therapy sessions are advised to maintain overall results.

The number of treatments for optimum results will range anywhere from three to six treatments following a duration no less than four week intervals. The effect is visible after the first treatment. In order to maintain the regeneration effect, the procedure should be repeated.

Once the patient undergoes the recommended number of sessions, we advise patients to undergo touch-up treatments in intervals of six to twelve months. The intervals are dependent on the medical professional’s opinion considering factors such as the patient’s age, skin health, as well as previous skin conditions.

Application areas:

Skin rejuvenating

Hair Loss Treatment

Stomatologic Procedures

Orthopedic Therapy

Healing and regenerating

Post-surgery convalescence


2pcs PRP tubes 12ml




2 years shelf life.

Glass tubes.

Individual packaging (blister pack)


an insert polyester cell separator gel 1.2ml


a liquid anticoagulant Sodium Citrate 

Blood withdrawal accessories

2pcs: Syringes (sterile) 5ml.

2pcs: Syringes (sterile) 3ml.

2pcs: Vacutainer tube holder (non-sterile, clear, latex free).

4pcs: Blood collection needless (sterile) –30g x 1/2 (0.3x13mm).

2pcs: Spinal needle (sterile, non-toxic, non-pyrogenic)-22g (0.7x75mm).

1pcs: Absorbant dressing (8.0 cm x 8.0 cm).

1pcs: Tourniquet (latex free, synthetic rubber).


2 ampoules: Activator Calcium Chloride Dermaqual – 2x 1ml/0,033 fl.oz


Almost anyone can be a candidate for the BIOGINIX Cell Therapy treatment. It is autologous therefore non-immunogenic, likewise there are no studies to date that have reliably documented adverse effects associated with this treatment. The treatment contains a concentration of platelets rich in proteins. The concentration of platelets and, thereby, the concentration of growth factors can be five to ten times greater than non-treated blood. The tubes were rotated in a centrifugation machine at not less than 1,500 revolutions per minute for five minutes. The centrifugation allows the blood to separation into layers, the top layer will be where the PRP resides and the bottom portion will be the remains of the red blood cells. Using a twelve milliliter tube allows for a fifty-five percent increase in collection over the smaller standard size tube.
BIOGINIX is a kit designed for fast and efficient separation and preparation of highly concentrated platelets while only requiring minimal amounts of plasma from the patient. Calcium Chloride (CaCl2) is an activator of PRP. one unit per mL of CaCl2 is added to PRP and needs to be used within five minutes. In combination, Calcium Chloride + PRP provides a continuous supply of growth factors to weakened tissues and hair follicles for several months. This signifies the fact that a PRP platelet count one million/mL has become the working definition for therapeutic PRP treatment.

It should be remembered that the qualification for therapy with platelet-rich plasma is always decided by a specialist doctor after a detailed medical examination.