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PRP treatment has gained recognition in field of Aesthetic Medicine and Dermatology.


The BIOGINIX Stem Cell Therapy encourages the skin to produce collagen by added growth factors. The resulting treatments have been seen to make the skin appear fuller, tighter and more youthful. After multiple treatments we have seen, results varying from subtle facial youth boosts to extremely younger looking skin.

The BIOGINIX Cell Therapy aids with regaining lost facial volume around the nasolabial area and eliminates deep wrinkles and folds. The resulting growth factors secreted by the platelets stimulate tissue recovery by increasing collagen production.

The full process of collagen regeneration takes anywhere between three to six months. Individual patients will yield slightly different time frames, but from our experience, a high percentage of patients have seen promising and a significant difference within only a few days from the first treatment and will continue to see gradual improvement over the next few weeks.

HYALURONIC ACID MW-MD 3.5% is a unique component of BIOGINIX PRP + HA3.5%  KIT.  The ultra-concentrated formula of the non-crosslinked hyaluronic acid minimizes the appearance of the fine lines, wrinkles, and pores, firming sagging skin and restoring plumpness. Hyaluronic Acid works to hydrate parched skin, combat uneven skin tone and promote surface cell renewal, revealing a younger-looking, smoother complexion with revived radiance. The professional formula, the “surface-filling” and firming technologies instantly lift, firm and visibly reduce the appearance of the aging also stimulates the actual synthesis of natural Hyaluronic Acid in the skin.

The areas of PRP treatments and recommendations:


Nasolabial folds
Wrinkles at the corners of the mouth
Marionette wrinkles
Uneven Complexion
Rosacea and redness
Acne scars
Post laser regeneration
Dry skin and dull complexion
Reconstruction of the zygomatic arch
Smoker’s lines

Eye area

Wrinkles around the eyes
Dark circles
Crow’s feet
Under eye-puffiness

Neck, Chest and Décolletage


Post laser regeneration


Supports laser and other treatments effects


PRP is currently one of the most effective methods of minimally invasive regeneration of unwanted changes on the body like aging, cellulite or stretch marks. It stimulates the skin to intensify regeneration processes and rebuild its structure.

Stretch marks are a type of atrophic scars, very difficult to eliminate, especially when they become white in color. However, when stretch marks are light red, they are relatively fresh and it is worth to undergo the platelet-rich plasma therapy.  Thanks to this, we obtain a new and better-structured tissue. The best results are usually achieved by combining this method with laser therapy.

In treating cellulite areas of the skin PRP smoothens out the depressions in the skin and reinforces the skin firmness. The PRP has the capability to generate growth factors, that give the signal to the collagen molecules to revitalize the skin area making it more smooth, tight and strong.

The areas of PRP treatments and recommendations:

Breast, Abdomen, Thighs, Hips, Buttocks, Calves and Arms:


Stretch marks




Visible veins

Age spots

Sun spots

Aging hands with thinning skin and wrinkles are due to the loss of ability to renew collagen and elastin.  PRP reverse the signs of hands aging through the use of patient’s own stem cells and growth factor found in the platelet-rich plasma component of the blood. The effects of PRP injections is the youthful luster, especially in such a delicate and vulnerable area.

For effective hand rejuvenation, there are few therapies that may be applied. It is to treat loss of soft-tissue volume along with issues concerning skin tone and texture, fat grafting/transfer, laser resurfacing, along with vein treatment.


BIOGINIX Cell Therapy is a very natural, modern method of choice for quality hair restoration. It is a safe non-surgical procedure with significant results. It is an injectable treatment which uses the patient’s plasma containing active growth factors which promote hair growth. These growth factors may help hair grow or at a minimum, slow hair loss. BIOGINIX is suitable for both men and women. The result leaves the patient with fuller healthier looking hair.

To accelerate hair growth, PRP is administered by being applied directly to the scalp with micro needling device (which additionally stimulates the production of collagen and the formation of new blood vessels) or with series of injections.

The areas of PRP treatments and recommendations:

Androgenetic alopecia

Telogen effluvium

Hair thickness

Hair loss

Completion of hair transplantation

The number of treatments will depend on patient’s hair condition and will be discussed by the medical professional during consultation. Generally, the number of treatments will be four to six treatments at four-week intervals. The see significant hair growth begins at six months and continuing thereafter. Determining factors are the amount and cause of hair loss. It is recommended to consider repeated treatments in intervals of six to twelve months to maintain their hair restoration progress.


Platelet-rich plasma is becoming a valuable adjunct to promote healing. Growth factors play an essential role in the complex process of wound healing and tissue regeneration, as they are signaling proteins that influence the metabolism of other cells.

The rich platelets function as a natural reservoir for growth factors that are essential in repairing injured or damaged tissues. The insight of this broad feature and the natural versatility, BIOGINIX Cell Therapy can treat a wide range of dermatological issues such as fine lines and deep wrinkles to acne scarring and sun damage, as well as correction of dark circles, improvement of micro vascularization, and correction of Rosacea.

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) contains many growth factors that can accelerate wound healing. There have been cases of improvements in skin tissues after II degree burns. The platelet-rich plasma stimulates cellular transformations. The mobilization of macrophages allows the wound purification and stimulation of fibroblasts. Epidermal growth factor, endothelial growth factor, angiogenesis and growth approaches can support skin regeneration.


The areas of PRP treatments and recommendations:

Acne Scars



Wound healing

Other dermatological issues as eg. Ulceration


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