Platelet rich plasma in the form of eye drops is used in the treatment of various eye diseases

Platelet-rich plasma has been included in ophthalmic therapies thanks to its effectiveness. The treatment of patients suffering from dry eye syndrome from blood-borne eye drops (platelet concentrate) proved to be very effective in improving visual function and the anatomy and physiology of the eye.

Treatment with use of autologous platelet-rich plasma has found has been saving patient’s eye after burns caused by chemical, toxic reaction. Apart from that, the treatment has been carried out after thermal burns.

PRP is proved to be effective in a surgical coadjuvant to promote corneal wound healing in severe corneal ulcers and corneal perforations.  Moreover, it may be associated with other ocular surface reconstruction procedures.

For such challenging conditions, plasma-derived drops have shown an important role in the treatment of ocular surface disorders 

The areas of PRP treatments and recommendations:

dry eye syndrome,

corneal ulcers

corneal epithelial damage

promoting corneal wound healing

corneal surgery

ocular surface reconstruction

ocular surface disease due to thermal and chemical burns.


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