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2x PRP Tubes

2x 12ml PRP Tubes

  • ACD-A anticoagulant 

  • Cell Separator Gel


Two 12 ml tubes sterilized and safe. Prove to receive about 55 % more platelets for a single patient treatment. Each tube contains ACD-A anticoagulant and Cell Separator Gel for proper blood separation.

12 ml PRP Tubes

2pcs PRP tubes 12ml



2 years shelf life.

Glass tubes.

Individual packaging (blister pack)

Each tube:

an insert polyester cell separator gel 1.2ml


a liquid anticoagulant Sodium Citrate

PRP Tubes are necessary for the preparation of platelet-rich plasma. The tubes are single-use, sterilized, and conforms to the regulation of the European Union to a high standard of manufacturing control for safety.

To prepare the PRP the single-patient PRP tubes are being used.