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BIOGINIX Blood Withdrawal Accessories

Blood Withdrawal Accessories
Activator Calcium Chloride

BIOGINIX blood withdrawal accessories for proper blood preparation for PRP Treatment. Sterile and safe. Made in France. Calcium Chloride (CaCl2) is an activator of PRP. one unit per mL of CaCl2 is added to PRP and needs to be used within five minutes. In combination, Calcium Chloride + PRP provides a continuous supply of growth factors to weakened tissues and hair follicles for several months

BIOGINIX Blood Withdrawal Accessories


Blood withdrawal accessories

2pcs: Syringes (sterile) 5ml.

2pcs: Syringes (sterile) 3ml.

2pcs: Vacutainer tube holder (non-sterile, clear, latex free).

4pcs: Blood collection needless (sterile) –30g x 1/2 (0.3x13mm).

2pcs: Spinal needle  (sterile, non-toxic, non-pyrogenic)-22g (0.7x75mm).

1pcs: Absorbant dressing (8.0 cm x 8.0 cm).

1pcs: Tourniquet (latex free, synthetic rubber).


2 ampoules: Activator Calcium Chloride Dermaqual – 2x 1ml/0,033 fl.oz


BIOGINIX Blood Withdrawal Accessories are necessary for the preparation of platelet-rich plasma. The components are single-use, sterilized and conforms to the regulation of the European Union to a high standard of manufacturing control for safety.

To prepare the PRP the single-patient blood withdrawal accessories are being used.